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Cinco De Mayo Tournament powered by Alliance Sports Association

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Guadalajara Cup 2022

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About Us & Our Tournaments

For the development of the tournament at the national level, we are excited to have the support of The Institute of Mexicans abroad (IME), as well as the Consulates of Mexico in the United States

The effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has shown among other things, the need to reactivate and strengthen collaborative bridges between different sectors of society.

In the case of the Mexican, Mexican-American and Hispanic communities living in the United States. The “Cinco de Mayo Tournament” will bring together soccer associations, leagues and organizations, which will promote the integration of the community, strengthening its identity within the framework of what in recent years has become a celebration of “Mexicaneidad”.

Our Objectives

Motivate children and youth to practice a sport, especially soccer

Promote the integration of communities

Reinforce the educational value of sport among children, youth and adults,
as well putting to good use their spare time

Promote a culture of health in the
community through sport, in order to help
reduce the problems that youth currently
face, such as alcoholism, drug addiction
and gangs

Unite Mexican and Mexican-American youth with the purpose of reinforcing their identity

Increase the sense of responsibility and respect among our youth, as well as restoring family values




P.O. Box 151112, Denver, CO 80215

US +1 720.327.4867

MX +52 55.1008.4352